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Hi there, great you are here!

This tells me that you love Chinese food, too. But have you ever tried to prepare a Chinese meal yourself?

If yes, just surf through my pages and use whatever you want. You'll find a lot of familiar stuff but I'm sure that I can provide some interesting recipes for you, too.

If no, it doesn't matter, because these pages are for you to learn it. Even if you never cooked Chinese before, don't  worry, all my recipes are easy to follow through step by step instructions and there is really not much about it. Just give it a try!

I assure you all dishes taste delicious and are very easy to prepare - even for beginners -  but if you encounter any problems or if you have any comments and suggestions to the recipes do not hesitate to click on the upper right e-mail button and contact me.

Every month you will get a new recipe (recipe of the month) on my pages, so you can start and build up a little Chinese cookbook of your own.

Apart from the Recipe of the month, I have stored all previously published recipes in a little repository. So click on the appropriate button at the top to visit my Recipe Archive! You'll find  some cooking tips in there, too.

My promise:

I will keep publishing my recipes and tell you more about Chinese cooking.

So please come back!

I sincerely devote this Web Site to Bonnie Nørgård in Denmark who taught me the first lessons in Chinese cooking (her recipes are the base for mine) and to
Norma Chang in the US who added a few special tricks (by the way, the name luv2wok was her idea and if you click on her name you are brought to her web site).

By the way, if you want to learn more about me, check out my personal web site on

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